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Classical Nimzo-Indian

The 4 Qc2 Variation (or the Classical Variation, as it¿s commonly known) represents one of White¿s main choices against the ever-reliable Nimzo-Indian Defence. Its advocates include world-class players such as Gary Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik. White¿s idea in this line is to avoid the dreaded ¿double pawn complex¿ which is so prevalent in other Nimzo variations. In this book Bogdan Lalic explains the ideas and strategies for both white and black players. All the major variations are covered and Lalic updates the theory of these ever-developing lines. * Written by a leading openings expert * Full exposure of all the important concepts and variations * Covers one of the most fashionable lines in modern practice.

Offbeat Nimzo-Indian

The Nimzo-Indian Defence continues to be one of Black’s most reliable ways of meeting the queen’s pawn opening. It’s popular at all levels of chess and a constant source of anxiety for White players.