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English: Move by Move

The English Opening is a popular choice, from club level all the way through to world champions. Its flexibility allows players to choose from a number of different set-ups – positional or aggressive, classical or hypermodern. It also appeals to those who prefer learning opening ideas to memorizing reams of theory. In this book, Steve Giddins invites you to join him in studying the English and its many variations. He examines instructive games, covers the most important lines and provides answers to all the key questions.

Fighting Chess: Move by Move

What separates the best chess players from the rest? What gives them the edge over their rivals? Chess legend Vladimir Kramnik believes its their fighting skills and the ability to continuously find ways to keep a game alive. Colin Crouch agrees, and is fascinated that the worlds strongest players seem almost unbeatable, even when games appear sharp and double-edged. In this book Crouch examines the tremendous fighting qualities of todays top grandmasters.

Four Knights: Move by Move

The Four Knights is an opening with a long and distinguished history. Despite its deceptively quiet appearance, it can lead to extremely sharp play – for example in the Belgrade Gambit – as well as more strategic battles in the main lines.

Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Move by Move

THE NIMZO-LARSEN ATTACK by Cyrus Lakdawala offers one stop shopping for those looking for an opening for White. The San Diego IM covers all of Black’s replies to 1.b3 using 60 well-annotated games utilizing a Question and Answer format that engages the reader in a way that traditional opening books don’t.

Sicilian Scheveningen: Move by Move

The Sicilian Scheveningen is a popular opening and was a firm favourite of Garry Kasparov, who successfully demonstrated how to gain counterplay and strive for the win from its solid foundations.