Master Middle Game

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Prepare to Attack

No-one can attack effectively if they haven't prepared properly, and yet planning in chess can be a difficult technique to master, even for experienced players. This book provides a solution. Using an abundance of illustrative games and examples, Gary Lane answers the questions which constantly puzzle players of all levels.

S.T.A.R Chess

A course in four key aspects of chess, Strategy, Tactics, Attack and Reaction, presented in the author's unique and widely acclaimed style, with puzzles, mnemonics and anecdotes.

Winning Chess Combinations

Combinations are the central element in chess; they make the game so magical and captivating. The beautiful point of sacrificing a queen, the strongest piece, in order to checkmate with a lowly pawn brings a smile of joy to all chess lovers. Virtually all chess games possess a combination, either one hidden in the shadows of analysis carefully avoided or one that provides a decisive blow.