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Easy Guide to Chess

First published in 1942, the late B. H. Wood's classic Easy Guide to Chess has been successfully used by thousands of chess players around the world. Topics covered include: the men and their moves, starting the game, the importance of pawns, how to record the moves, standard openings, and much more. This introductory book has been substantially revised for the first algebraic edition, which will bring the game to a new generation of young players.

Play Winning Chess

Play Winning Chess is an introduction to the moves, strategies and philosophy of chess, with clear explanations of the games, fundamental and instructive examples, question-and-answer sections, sample games and psychological hints.

Simple Chess

It¿s been said many times before that chess is an easy game to learn, but a difficult one to master. The game is full of difficult questions such as, ¿What do you do when your opponent is skilful enough to prevent both checkmate and material loss?¿ However, once the principal strategic ideas are recognised, then everything becomes much clearer and the game becomes much simpler. In this book Grandmaster and experienced chess writer John Emms provides the reader with the fundamental knowledge required to enter every game with confidence. * A complete introduction to chess strategy * Important positional ideas are covered * Ideal for club and tournament players

Simple Winning Chess

The first step towards self-improvement is self-assessment, and so Baker starts off with advice on assessing your own strengths and weaknesses. He then discusses how to form and improve your opening repertoire, and how to prepare for competitive play. Next comes advice on how to think at the board, how to cope with time-pressure, and chessboard psychology. A welcome feature is a summary of the most important rules of chess that competitive players must know. Baker also discusses how to learn from your games and how to study chess using books and computers, or with the help of a trainer.

The Usborne guide to playing chess

This book is a basic guide for beginners of all ages. Colourful step by step pictures and instructionsclearly and simply explain the different moves of each of the chess pieces, the rules of the game and how to play. There are chess puzzles to test your skilland help you recegonise the best moves to make. Chess notation and chess words are also covered, making this book an ideal starting point for those who want to play chess.